Anguilla Corporation (Anguilla IBC)

Anguilla company incorporation advantages

  • Anguilla companies are 100% tax free. No income, profits, dividends, interests or capital gains tax.
  • Offshore incorporation law protects incorporation details; the registry is a closed registry.
  • Anguilla offshore corporations are accepted and respected worldwide; wider to international markets.
  • Anguilla IBC can provide wealth protection; use the company to separate and isolate assets.
  • Any kind of property can be owned by an Anguilla company.
  • Anguilla corporations offer limited liability for its shareholders; the extent of the liability is based on individual shareholder investment.
  • Anguilla IBC has legal personality which means the IBC can open and maintain bank accounts, it can own property, it can enter into contracts and agreements.
  • Anguilla corporations are not subject to currency exchange controls and fees.

Anguilla IBC: Company Formation Requirements

To meet all the compliance and application requirements:

  • Anguilla offshore company registrations should be processed by us, an Anguilla registered agent.
  • One (1) director and one (1) shareholder must be appointed; this can be a company or a natural person and the director and the shareholder may be the same. No secretary is needed.
  • Completed Articles of Incorporation with a name for the Anguilla IBC, the corporate objectives, the name and address of the local agent and the details on Share Capital of the Anguilla IBC. It must be signed by the subscriber.
  • None of the beneficial owners of an Anguilla offshore company can be residents/citizens of Anguilla.
  • The registrar has to issue by Certificate of Registration, proof of registration and incorporation.
  • Banking, trust, company, management and insurance business can only be conducted with the appropriate licensing and authorization to do so.

Offshore Anguilla Companies - Our Incorporation Services

  • Same day Anguilla company incorporation.
  • Secure online order and company incorporation procedures.
  • Courier delivery for all Anguilla incorporation communication and company documents.

Anguilla IBC- Meetings and Records

  • Anguilla IBC does not have to hold shareholder or directors’ meetings; these are discretionary.
  • There is no legal requirement for monthly or annual accounts or bookkeeping.

Anguilla IBC: Share Capital

  • There is no limit on the share capital value (the suggested  is US$ 50,000)
  • Shares can be issued with or without par value
  • Shares can be issued in any major recognizable currency

Anguilla Companies: Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Confidentiality of incorporation information is guaranteed by the law.
  • Name and other particulars of beneficial owner are not filed.
  • Anguilla corporations may use nominee directors or shareholder for more privacy.

Anguilla IBC: Maintenance

  • We offer affordable Anguilla IBC renewals and administrative services.
  • Annual renewals and applications for any new service can be made using our online services.

Anguilla Corporation Law

The Anguilla IBC is enacted through the International Business Companies Act 2000.