Anguilla LLC

Anguilla Limited Liability Company LLC incorporation

  • No corporation taxes on income, profits, dividends, interests and capital gains.
  • Anguilla LLC is a low maintenance and uncomplicated organization; there is no board of directors and members may manage the Anguilla LLC or hire a manager.
  • Use the LLC to isolate assets thereby protecting that portion of wealth.
  • LLC members have limited liability (based on their contributions).
  • Anguilla LLC is a legal entity on its own.
  • Anguilla does not charge currency exchange fees nor does it impose foreign exchange controls.

Anguilla LLC: Company Formation Requirements

To meet the compliance and application requirements:

  • Anguilla Offshore LLC incorporation may only be processed by an Anguilla registered agent.
  • Only (1) member is needed to incorporate Anguilla LLC; the member can be a corporation or natural person.
  • Completed Articles of Organization with a name for the Anguilla LLC, the purpose and objectives, the name and address of the local agent, a statement of formation, the company duration and the management structure (member or hired manager). An operating Agreement (if chosen) must be signed by every member of the Anguilla LLC.
  • Anguilla LLC name should end with ‘Limited Liability Company’, ‘L.C.’, ‘LC’, ‘L.L.C.’, or ‘LLC’.
  • The registrar issues a Certificate of Incorporation as proof of registration and incorporation.

Anguilla LLC: Incorporation Services

  • We provide same day Anguilla company incorporation.
  • LLC incorporation can be ordered online.
  • Anguilla LLC involves minimal paper work.
  • All communication is expedited via courier/express mail.

Anguilla LLC: Meetings and Records

  • No requirement to keep meetings for Anguilla LLC.
  • No requirement for auditing, accounting or bookkeeping

Anguilla LLC: Shares

  • Anguilla LLC does not have shares nor does it have shareholder; capital is accumulated through member contributions.
  • Anguilla LLC member interest in capital can include cash, services or promissory notes.

Anguilla Limited Liability Company: Confidentiality

  • Confidentiality of LLC incorporation information is guaranteed under law.
  • An Anguilla LLC may appoint nominee members for additional privacy.

Anguilla LLC: Maintenance

  • Our affordable renewals fees help ensure that the Anguilla LLC is always current with corporate requirement.
  • Use our secure online services for renewals payment and to order bank accounts.

Anguilla LLC Law

The Anguilla Limited Liability Company was introduced by the Limited Liability Company Act 2000. This Ordinance regulates all Anguilla Limited Liability Companies, domestic and offshore.